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FS east 2023 winning skidpad award ceramony.jpg

Formula Student East 2023

Formula Student East was our first competition for the 2023 season. We were participating in Driverless category at FS East. The competition was filled with challenges and learnings, read more about our journey at FS East 2023 below.

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Event Results

Our journey at Formula Student East 2023


Getting through the Battery Test 

We got to the Hungaroring camping spot and quickly set up our camp. After that, we headed over to the Battery Test on Day 0 itself. Our team, including our Electrical Safety Officers (ESOs), worked hard and we managed to pass the test.

Statics and Scrut 

We began with Day 1 at the event with the Business Plan Presentation and then moved on to the Cost and Manufacturing Event, both of which we did well in. The Engineering Design Presentation went smoothly too, thanks to our team's efforts. Next was the Electrical Safety Test, which we passed successfully.

We faced some challenges, but we managed to overcome them. Our drivers passed the egress tests, and we also cleared the Mechanical Safety Tests without any issues. It was a tiring day, but we were happy with how things went. We also got to watch alumni cup cars racing on the Hungaroring track, which was really exciting.


A Day of Challenges and Triumphs 

We started the day with Mechanical Safety Test 3. Our Chief mechanics and team members worked hard, and we passed the test. Our journey has been full of hard work and facing challenges. Let's talk about what happened on the third, fourth, and fifth days of the event.

Day 3 started with checking our electrical systems, then we looked at our Driverless features. We also did well in the Mechanical Safety Test. After passing the static tests, we took Maggan for the Dynamic Safety Test. We did different tests there, like checking the weight, tilting, rain, and brakes.


We had a problem with our LiDAR during preparations for the Emergency Brake System test, but thanks to ka raceing, who lent us their spare LiDAR.

The fourth day was good too. Our Autonomous team and other team members worked hard, and we passed the Emergency Brake System test. Soon after we headed to do some test runs before we could set a time for the skid pad event.


Facing the Dynamic Challenges

We did amazingly well in the Skid Pad challenge, where we got first place 🥇.

Unfortunately, We had a crash during the acceleration event, which ended up in DNF for that event. Despite the crash, we didn't lose our spirit. The next day we went in again after fixing the car and successfully performed an Autocross event where we managed to get P6. After autocross, it was time for the last dynamic event for the competition i.e. Trackdrive. Unfortunately, we couldn't get our car running for this event and got DNF.


Nevertheless, We showed that we as a team are in this for the long run which was evident during the Formula Student Germany 2023 competition.

Our Journey of Learning and Achievements


Looking back, our time at Formula Student East 2023 was a great experience. We learned a lot, faced tough times, made new friends, and showed that no crash can crush our determination.


This led to a good start to our 2023 season, getting us 7th position in the Driverless Category at Formula Student East 2023.

FS east 2023 winning skidpad award ceramony.jpg

Event Images

Image copyright : FS East media | CFS media


Thank you

Ka Raceing

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