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We deliver the engineers of tomorrow

This picture shows the team celebrating our win on the podium in Germany in 2023. These competitions are a part of the Formula Student project.

We’re Creating the Future Industry Leaders

Chalmers Formula Student bridges the gap between Engineering Education and Industry by training students in a real-life project where they independently Design, Analyze and develop Technology solutions by making Data-Driven Decisions throughout the Design, Manufacturing and Testing of a full-fledged Formula Racing automobile, and finally put their skills to the test in competitions with various other teams from the rest of the world.


We develop 97% of the car in-house

Mechanical Design & Manufacturing

We design and manufacture most of our car. Some of the areas in the car we focus on are: Aerodynamics, Carbon Fiber Frame, Suspension, Mechanical Powertrain...

This image shows a digital representation of the aerodynamics part on our Formula Student car.
This image shows a digital version of the electrical and high voltage system on our Formula Student car.

Electronics and High Voltage

From manufacturing our own electric motors, working with the high voltage system, developing our battery to planning the wiring harness, making our own PCBs and creating the software that makes our system safe to use.


This year we continued our integration of driverless setup in our same Electric car.  All the software from the perception to the control is specifically developed by us for our use case. The driverless car competed against other teams in competitions worldwide.

This image is a digital representation of what our LiDar, which is a part of the autonomous system, sees.
This is our 2023 Formula Student car named Margareta.


In 2023, Margateta participated in two events. The initial event took place at Hungary's Hungaroring, where it competed in the Driverless category of Formula Student East. The second event was Formula Student Germany, held at the Hockenheim ring in Germany, where it competed in both the EV class and DV class.

This is a digital version of our 2023 Formula Student car, Margareta.

CFS In Numbers










Our VIP Sponsors

This amazing project would not be possible without all our sponsors who guide us and supply us with the tools and materials to build our cars. Be sure to give a look at all our sponsors.

This is the logo of one of our VIP sponsors, Chalmers University of Technology.
This is the logo of one of our VIP sponsors, Essiq.
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