Formula Student is the largest engineering competition in the world with the aim of creating better engineers by giving the students hands-on experience. Every competing team designs, manufactures and tests a vehicle with which they then compete against other teams in several different events – all of this takes place during less than one year. There are both dynamic events such as endurance and acceleration, and static events where the cost of manufacturing and the business idea of the project are presented to the judges.

The year long project of building a competent race car, provides the students with immense knowledge, experience and aids in moving from being a student to an accomplished engineer of tomorrow.

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News & Events

Read more about what we do, and get to know the people behind the project. Chalmers Formula Student is full of surprises and we do our best to capture them all and provide our followers, partners and alumni with  the latest gossip.

May 24th was an extremely exciting day as we launched our CFS17 car! It was nice to see such a large audience interested in the new car. Huge thanks to everyone that participated and made our big day even greater! Thanks also to all our Partners for making it possible to build such a high performance car (don’t be worried, your logos will be placed to the car very soon).

Trainee Recruitment

Applications for CFS18 trainee is open and find more information below!


This project year, CFS17 will compete at Formula Student Netherlands(FSN) and Formula Student Germany(FSG) in the summer.

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