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Formula Student

The world's biggest engineering design competition.


Hands-on experience

Have you always wanted to get hands-on experience within your field of engineering? Then Formula Student is the project for you! The project introduces you to all aspects of building a race car; designing, manufacturing, assembling, and competing.


Valuable work experience

Formula Student provides you with a solid foundation in the automotive industry which are much sought after by employers. We have alumni at companies such as Koenigsegg, SAAB, Volvo, and Heart Aerospace.


High-pressure environment

The project is based on a 10-month cycle, which gives the team 8 months to design and build a race car. 95% of the car is manufactured in-house. Therefore, coordination of machining usage and logistics is needed to ensure timely completion of all parts.


Team spirit

The team consists of approximately 60 students that have a range of educational backgrounds, nationalities, and experiences. We all come together to focus on one common goal: building a race car.

Formula Student competitions are held all over the world. All competitions span a period of 7 days, in which the judges check the legality of the car, and the teams perform in static and dynamic events. 

Static events:

  • Business Plan Presentation

  • Cost and Manufacturing

  • Engineering Design Event

Dynamic events:

  • Acceleration

  • Skidpad

  • Endurance & Efficiency

  • Autocross

TME047 | Chalmers Formula Student

Start of
the project

End of design


End of manufacturing















Participation in CFS is a full year commitment that requires a lot of time and dedication, much more than the 15 ECTS indicate, but it also gives a lot in the form of experiences and friendship. You get back what you put in.

What are we looking for?

For CFS25 we're looking to recruit a new team consisting of 35-40 Project Engineers and 5-10 Trainees.

Project engineer

  • 15 ECTS.

  • Open to 1st year Master student. In some cases 3rd year Bachelor, 2nd year Master, and exchange students.

  • Responsible for their own subsystem.

  • 10h/week in Autumn, 30h/week in Spring.


  • No credits.

  • Open to 1st - 3rd year Bachelor students.

  • Responsible for their own project.

  • Input in the team dependent on own availability.

  • Trainees are prepared for a role as Project Engineer.

What are we looking for?

We would like to recruit team members from all over Chalmers. So whether you study architecture, entrepreneurship, computer science, electrical or mechanical engineering, we welcome and encourage you to apply. While we do appreciate previous experience and ask about it during application, that is also what you are here to get. Few of the team members have built a formula style race car before, so don’t let a lack of experience in this area stop you from applying.

Below you will find a description of the different areas of responsibility (subgroups) within the team. You can select your application priorities between these areas in the application form. As CFS23 will continue to develop the CFS22, car the scope for re-design will vary between the different subgroups, but we recommend that you fill out your priorities based on your interests, and we can discuss the work scopes in more detail during the interviews.

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