Formula Student


Formula Student is the largest engineering competition in the world with the aim of creating better engineers by giving the students hands-on experience. Every competing team designs, manufactures and tests a vehicle with which they then compete against other teams in several different events – all of this takes place during less than one year. There are both dynamic events such as endurance and acceleration, and static events where the cost of manufacturing and the business idea of the project are presented to the judges. Overall, the car and the competitions are the means used to develop our engineering skills.

The winner has to prove that they have the best concept of a formula style racing car. To be able to reach that goal, several phases have to be well performed; the pre-study, design, implementation and operation phases.

During the competition, the cars are judged in a series of static and dynamic events. Each event is scored so that the cars can be compared.

Worldwide Competitions

Competitions take place across the world, and it is up to every team every year what competitions they want to compete in. CFS has been to UK, Germany, Australia, California, Italy and Austria.

FSUK Silverstone FSG Hockenheim
Formula SAE of China Formula SAE Italy
Formula Student Austria FSAE, USA
Baltic Open

Other Swedish Teams:

Clear River Racing Karlstad University
Lund Formula Student Lund University
KTH Racing KTH Stockholm
ELiTH Racing Linköping University