At prestudy phase team gets familiar with the reports and solutions of previous years. This is an introduction to the project and during prestudy different options are inspected and analyzed by bench marking the options. With data driven decisions a concept will be created, which will then act as a base for following design phase of the project.


During these couple of intense months team will complete the design of the vehicle. With the data gathered from calculations and simulations necessary strengths, dimension and materials are selected. With the help of Computer-Aided Design a complete 3D model of the vehicle is created. This model will then act as a base for the following manufacturing phase of project.


Manufacturing is the most crucial and rewarding phase of the project. High precision is needed to ensure that the parts will meet the quality demands. At the same time the vehicle start to have its shape and the design moves from computer screen to the real world.  During this phase team works with metals, plastics and electronics manufacturing.


There is a long way from running car to winning car. To achieve this plenty of testing is required. Testing phase starts with quite simply tests; ensuring the powertrain is working properly. Eventually testing moves towards more specific component and function tests. Finally the actual dynamic events of competitions are simulated. Testing is conducted both in the track and specific testing centers with the help of our partners.


The highlight of the whole year when all the hard work and man hours spent on the project are coming together. Competitions are divided to the static and dynamic events to test the engineering solutions, quality of documentation and the actual capabilities of the car. Formula Student competitions are highly demanding and in order to be successful both the team and the car must be fine-tuned to the max.